Do I need to make an appointment? We do require appointments. If you'd like to take a peak at our selection before making an appointment, you are welcome to. If there isn't a bride scheduled during that time we're happy to help with any questions.  

What kind of under garments should I wear? It's best to wear a neutral colored pair of underwear and a strapless bra, however you'll often get the best results without any bra. 

Can I bring champagne? We are all about celebration. Feel free to bring champagne, but be respectful of our shop (meaning don't get wasted). During special events such as trunk shows we often provide it ourselves. 

How many people should I bring and who? We understand wanting to include everyone, but keep in mind our shop is of modest size. Bring two or three people that know you best. Especially if you tend to be indecisive. People you trust when you're shopping for your regular clothes and that will respect your budget. If you're the kind of bride that would rather shop alone, that's great too. 

What is a normal dress budget? Every bride is different. Most of our consignment/sales dresses are under $1000. Some as low as $200. Our special order dresses range between $878 - $3000. 

Are alterations included? We do not offer alterations in house, however we're happy to point you to someone more than qualified. 

How much do I need to budget for alterations? General alterations can run between $65 to $300 depending on material, layers, and what's being done. They can be more when you start adding to the dress. 

What is a trunk show? Our store has a 4-6 of our favorite gowns from each designer. A trunk show is a time for us to showcase the rest of the designers collections. The one weekend a year all their dresses come to our shop for you to try on. Whoot Whoot!!!

What does consignment mean? Most brides aren't going to wear their dress again and as much as they love it can't find a good enough reason to keep it. They also don't want to just throw it away, especially since wedding dresses are one of the biggest purchases a person will ever make. That's where we come in. We put the dress on our racks. If it sells, both the previous bride and our store make a few bucks.  

If I plan on keeping my dress after the wedding how do I have it cleaned? We work with a 3rd party company that not only cleans wedding gowns, but preserves and boxes them. Give a us a ring if you're interested in this service.