Shopping for the Mother of the Bride/Groom

Finding a mother of the Bride/Groom dress is similar to searching for a wedding dress, but harder. They may be less expensive, but usually, there are more requirements for them. They have to have sleeves or a jacket. They have to hide that little pooch in the midsection. They have to be long or short. The bride wants them in her color scheme, but she doesn’t want the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom in the same color. Often times the colors are light neutrals like blush, champagne, or nude. Horrible colors for someone that has a bit more maturity in and on their skin. Here are some pointers when beginning your search.

1.     Shop and order early. I have too many MOB/G’s come in two weeks before the wedding in a total panic. I do what I can, but you’ll make your life a lot easier if you start looking 3-4 months before the big day.

2.     Find a color the bride is happy with that you look good in. Darker colors tend to be more flattering for those of us that are a bit more mature.

3.     Have time for alterations. A wedding is a big deal. It’s not an everyday occurrence. Be prepared to have to alter your outfit. Your baby is getting married! Look the best you possibly can!

4.     If you need help, get it. If you don’t have a female in your life jumping at the opportunity to shop, find yourself a personal shopper. They’re more common than you think.

5.     The bride always has the last word. It’s the unfortunate truth. Usually, they want their mothers and mother-in-law to be to look their best, but some get stuck on little details. This is when you nod and smile. 

Happy Hunting!