How to Approach Bridal Fairs

First off; unless your groom is super involved and is more into the planning process than you are, don’t bring him. If you just can’t help yourself and have to bring him, your first stop should be the bar…let’s be honest, your first stop should be the bar regardless.

Bridal fairs have a slew of giveaways. The more you enter the more you win. Some of the prizes are pricey giveaways like engagement sessions, bridesmaid dresses, etc. They most often ask for basic info; Name, number, and email address. If you want to get through everything in a timely manner make and bring info stickers. If you don’t want to have a bunch of extra emails in your inbox set-up a wedding email, something like sammy& or cindy&

Know what you’re looking for. The idea of a bridal fair is to make finding vendors easier. They’re all in one location for you to compare. If you have a list of the vendors you’re still looking for it’ll help you feel less overwhelmed. You can focus on what you need and then go back and do the rest for fun.

Be prepared to be well fed. There are not only lots of caterers at bridal fairs, but most vendors like to treat you to something whether it’s chocolates, champagne, or jell-o shots! We loved it when Central Coast Party Helpers passed out orange jell-0 shots. They were delish.

We’ll be at the Santa Barbara Bridal Fair this Sunday, September 11th at the Earl Warren Showgrounds. Visit us at booth #604! For more info click here.