Green for your Gown

We often get the question, “What is a normal budget?” The response is always the same; every bride is different. We’ve all seen Say Yes to the Dress and the brides paying $40K for their dream gown. We all know that’s not standard. If it were, very few could afford a wedding. What we do know is this; the average amount a woman spends on her wedding dress on the central coast is $1200. Our gowns cap out at $2500. If your budget is beyond that, consider other factors that might be important to you other than looking great. Perhaps that is designers that manufacture in the U.S.  Explore gowns made from sustainable fabrics. Maybe research designers that give back to the community in a meaningful way.

If your budget is less than $1200 don’t be discouraged. There are lots of brides out there just like you. We have quite a few brides with a budget of $500. Some great ways to shop within this budget are looking at consignment gowns, finding sample sales, considering a bridesmaids dress in white or ivory, or looking in the sale section of online retailers. The most challenging part about having a lower budget is that you often need to use your imagination. Most stores don’t stock bridesmaid’s dresses in white or ivory. Looking at a blue dress and picturing it in white can be difficult, but if you have a good consultant they’ll get creative and help you see your possibilities. If you’re looking at the sale section for online retailers make sure you call and talk to a representative to answer any questions you may have. Most sites are final sale once an item is discounted so asking about the sizing of the designer, etc. is very important.

Right now our consignment gowns are marked down to make room for new inventory. It’s a great time for brides on small budgets.