Interview with Creator of Pure Magnolia

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a zillion things, I guess that is why I am an entrepreneur! I get to do everything!

You went to school for fashion and worked in the industry a bit before starting Pure Magnolia. What made you want to do bridal and what made you want to create from eco-friendly material?
I worked for a few different local manufacturers when I finished my degree in Fashion Design. Every one of them had so much waste! I just knew there was a better way! My last job was for a lingerie manufacturer, and there was so much scrap silk and beautiful laces and I just new there must be something I could do with it. Bridal can be so diverse in design, but so individual, making dresses that had some special little detail like a little silk flower made from scraps was the perfect direction to go into. 

What inspired you to add color into your designs?
Color is a big trend right now in the wedding world, well mostly subtle color, blush, serenity, pastels. But I wanted to make a statement with these dresses and go bold! But the trick was they still needed to look like wedding dresses rather than a formal gown. We worked closely with a graphic designer to really make our dream come to reality. The final look is so fresh and it feels like you are walking through a spring garden in full bloom. 

Why do you manufacture in your own backyard rather than abroad?
As talented as the factories are in the Far East, I wanted to make sure our quality was everything. Plus having the production close to home means that we can make changes at the drop of a hat. So if we want to bring in a new color way for the print, we can make a one of dress with that print. It is also a faster process to have things made, and the reduction in the carbon footprint by not having them shipped over to North America is significant! 

How does it feel to see a bride in one of your creations? 
I just love seeing brides fall in love with their dress. When they are trying on the perfect dress you can tell. Their face lights up and they just love the way they look! It is so satisfying after months of development, samples, testing, sourcing out the perfect laces and fabrics to see a bride fall in love with the final product!

You can meet Patty at our upcoming trunk show on March 4th and 5th. Walk-ins are welcome. Appointments are appreciated.